10 Habits of Long-Life Couples


If you have been in a long-lasting relationship, your habits are like these… What is the secret of them? How do they manage their relationship through the years.

Voila! 10 habits of long-life couples…

Go to bed together.

You don’t have to do sex every night, but you should go to bed together. Touch is important.

Find your common interests.

If he likes to playing piano or going to walking, you can adapt yourself for him. Or exact opposite…


Hold hands.

If she/he forgets to hold your hand, you hold hands. That’s more important than to do anything.

Trust and try to forgive forever.

This depends on dimension of your relationship. But you always trust your partner.

Focus on what they do right, not the false ones…

Don’t forget to hug each other.

Say ‘I love you’ and ‘Have a good day’ every morning and night.

Say good night.

Even you have argued, this habit works. It means you want to stay in your relationship…

Make contact with your pair within the day.

Be proud to be seen together.