20 Ways to Steal a Man’s Heart


This is a question that every woman is curious about: How does he fall in love with me?

At first; you should feel confident and be real…

Here are the 20 important rules to sweep him off your feet!


1- Be yourself.

2- Take care of your Outlook. Your body, clothes, hairstyle, make-up style and your entire look must be well-groomed…

3- Listen.

4- Laugh, smile.

5- Have a nice attitude.

6- Be sweet. Men love sweet and peaceful women. Don’t forget this…

7- Flirt.

8- Be different.

9- Be graceful.

10- Be close to physical contact. Men love physical contact. Some nice touches may be amazing. Touch him…

11- Offer and serve something.

12- Emancipate to him.

13- Let he calls you.

14- Move as his movements. This is mirror tactic!

15- Make an eye contact. Look in his eyes while you’re talking. But don’t look him bothersomely…

16- Don’t seem hopeless.

17- Be reliable.

18- Be mystical.

19- Support things that he’s interested with.

20- Know to hang on.