2017 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends


The plastic parts under the influence of season collections, official teams overflowing office boundaries, and feminine designs that overturn the mold! New York, London, Milano and Paris Fashion Week reveal itself in 2017-18 Autumn / Winter trends, an innovative seasonal news reporter.

1Work Overtime

Official designs exceed the boundaries of office! Pencil skirts, suits, etc…

2Feminine Attack

Oversize out, sexy feminine in!

3PVC Age!

You can see PVC pieces in shoes, bags, jackets, etc in fall and winter.

4Space Age!

These pieces aim the space with their colors and designs for this fall…


Designers move the denim passion to a second dimension. It’s a overdose!

6Gym Touch

Little but incluencing steps. Athleisure pieces will be in vogue…

7Hot and Cheerful

Colored fur and pelushes will give color to winter by their youngest and dynamic comments…

8Hat Revolution

Designers enforce imagination by the hat designs like in Paris Fashion Week…