6 Things Couples Don’t Know About Each Other Until The Marriage


Did you know about your peer before you married?

1- Your partner may have some bad habits. You may not like these habits. You need to know him/her well before you get married. After all, you will share a common life.

2- Your partner may be a minimalist. But you may not like to be minimalist. At first, you can resist it, but you can learn to live with this. You can learn something from your partner.

3- Your peer may not want kids. Of course you talked about whether or not you wanted kids before you got married.

4- Your partner may not be tidy and finical. She/he doesn’t screw the cap of anything like Jars, juice, toothpaste, contact lens solution. This may be important for you!

5- Your partner may have an unusual sleep habit. Sleeping may be important for you. So, you can talk about it. Maybe you can see a therapist.

6- If there are obsessions of her/his, your deal is difficult! For example your partner may be a cleaning addict.