A Special Touch On North West’s Ballet-Night Outfit From Kim Kardashian


When it comes to fashion, it’s certainly true that Kim Kardashian is a style icon. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North and her mom performance of a ballet show yesterday.

It was a Swan Lake ballet show in New York City. North’s ballet dress was designed by Kim Kardashian. This costume designed as both Kanye West’s line and a skater form.

On the other hand, North’s dad, Kanye West said he wanted to design kids’ wear for a long time. West added baby shoes to the collection. His wife Kim Kardashian supports him. Fashion icon Kim likes to combine and design cute and fashion-forward parts.

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North West wore a yellow design, Kim Kardashian wore blue ensemble, a cropped-top that’s her design and lace-up booties…