Alessandra Ambrosio’s New Hairstyle From Bahamas


Victoria’s Secret top model Alessandria Ambrosio has went to Bahamas. She’s evolved. Surprise! You’ll like her new haircut!

Angel gets bangs during the Bahamas travel… The Angel got her hair cut. New bangs look amazing…

She’s used to changing her style as a model. You know, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the runways are too popular nowadays… So, the angels may want to make some changes. It’s a kind of illusion!

Alessandra really made the cut. Hairstylist Frankie Foye shared the photo of this miracle moment.


She shared her new hairstyle on Instagram. She wrote, ‘Private Island. Bahamas.’ The Angels was looking so happy with her new bangs, new cut…

The Brazilian beauty escaped to the Caribbean with fellow models. Pretty angels have made ‘cat-walk’ on the Paris runway…

They have a break now… Elsa Hosk, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajowski and other models are there with Alessandra. But their hairstyles are the same for now!