Appearances from Chanel’s 2017 Spring/Summer Collection


Chanel has fascinated the audiences in the 2017 Spring/Summer collection runway one more time.

Modernist parts composed this event. Newest Chanel products have presented on the Paris Fashion Week’s stage.

The podium had been decorated by a data center theme. Chanel spring and summer parts have graphical designs, various tissues and vibrant colors.

You can look at these products and some scenes from Chanel below…


This breastpin is a wonderful collection part as we think. To being a stylish lady, you can use this breastpin and you can look elegant. Pink and black, big flower shaped breastpin has a black rubber ribbon detail.


Metallic colors are one of the most trend items in this season. So, this purple metallic handbag is so cool.


Here is a fashion model of Chanel… We can see the chirping colors, unusual styles in her clothes and accessories. Spring and summer will be fascinating…


This model reflects that the new Chanel collection will be multicolored, funny, powerful and extreme.


Scotch plaid patterns grow large… Oversized jacket is so stylish. Blue, pink and white colored. Same looking hat, chain belt and accessories are amazing… Thanks Chanel!