Are They Moving? The Duke And Duchess In London


The winds of change blow… The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are moving to London with their children. Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s new home is on London’s Kensington Palace.

The new apartment used to be home to Queen Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret. Restoration cost to $6.5 million. The Prince and the First Lady were living at their home in Norfolk up to now.

Thus, the Duke can work as a pilot for air ambulance. But, their old home will continue to be their home… They have to be in London on behalf of The Queen and for the charities and causes they support.

Its reason is like that…Prince George will begin school in London and Princess Charlotte will go to nursery and school in there.

Prince William will be an ambulance pilot, he set two-year commitment. Roles are changing in their family. This means there are even more adorable George and Charlotte sightings in their future.