Ask These Questions Before You Get Married


If you are about to get married, be honest with yourself and take a look at these questions…

Do we want children?

It is important that you tell them what you want instead of what your spouse wants to hear about the child. Before marrying, couples must speak honestly that they do not want to have children.

What do you think about housework?

The last thing you want to do is to find out that your partner is allergic to housework after you get married.


Many serious relationship experiences can mean higher divorce risk and more problematic marriage.

Things you need to know before getting married


If there is a serious difference between incomes, couples should form a basic family budget based on income ratios.

Does your mother/father really love me?

Does your mother-in-law hate you? If you can learn this early enough, you can take precautions.

How important is sex?

Couples expect their partners to be unattractive. It is important for a healthy relationship that partners know what they enjoy and how often they want to have sex. It is imperative that you talk to your partner about what you expect from sex so both sides are satisfied.

‘I love you’

There are five different ways to express love before marriage:
To say clearly, to spend time together, to shop for gifts, to serve to partner and physical touches.