Bangs Trilogy from the Models


Bangs trilogy from the Angels… Karlie Klos, Alessandra Ambrosio and Josephine Skriver…

The strongest trend of the season is ‘bangs’. Instagram witnessed the model triumph. This hairstyle is in vogue now! The bangs!


3 scores in 7 days. Models love it. Karlie Kloss got her haircut with bangs. Alessandra and Josephine got too. They took the photos of haircut moments on Instagram.


Karlie Kloss, who is in Sydney, brought together a bold cut of the modern lion’s tail. She realized that this radical change was temporary, she said goodbye the geometric, faux-bangs.


Karlie’s day-to-day change is an authentic and beautiful inspiration for us…


The Victoria’s Secret model, Josephine Skriver’s bangs were also only parts of the same change. Skriver’s hair color was a unique, ashtray tone. But it is a red copper tone now.


Our third and last stop in the bangs is Alessandra Ambrosio. She wen to Bahamas and got her hair cut. She wanted to make a fresh change in her hairstyle before Christmas. Her new hairstyle fitted to the tropical island. Her moving bangs are pretty, right?