Best Looks: Josh Holloway


Josh Holloway Style

Handsome actor Josh Holloway is noted for his successful series and movies. The 47-year-old Holloway, who is sweet dream of ladies, has a very stylish swagg. His own cool and free attitude and sexy looks fascinate to everybody. Let’s see what ‘Lost’ star Josh Holloway (also known as ‘Sawyer’) wears in his daily life and at invitations…

Sawyer likes to wear to leather jackets, casual pants, bruise, sunglasses, and oversize shirts in his daily life. He wears lounge suit in special days. He may looks as a rapper in sometimes. Long hair fits his cool handsomeness! Don’t forget; he’s married. Californian actor’s Sawyer role in ‘Lost’ series had impressed everybody in the world.

We know him as very charismatic, sexy and well-looked man… As mature so better… The blonde and blue-eyed actor has a matching style with his wife. Josh Holloway’s messy hairstyle and bummer look are amazing. Here are some of samples from Josh Holloway style

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1. The Motorist Style

2. The Cool Style

3. The Fresh Style

4. The Charisma Style

5. The Piercing Style

6. The Sexy Style