Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z Net Worth


The 35-year-old (she’s pregnant now!) R&B singer Beyonce is one of the richest celebrities. The black show-girl is a singer, actor, film producer, songwiriter, musician, businessperson, voice actor. Beyonce Knowles is a high-earning musician but her net worth is under her husband, famous rapper Jay Z.

The couple had a daughter named Blue Ivy. And now, they’re waiting for a new babies. The twins! Beyonce acted in L’Oreal, American Express, Ford, Pepsi, Samsung and other ad campaigns. Her albums were sold so much around the world. Beyonce’s tours, concerts and all activities made earn money to her.

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Besides, the 47-year-old singer Jay Z is interested with many business fields. He earned this money by his successful music career. Jay Z is a rich celebrity, because he has performed with other stars’ works like Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Will Smith, etc.

Beyonce and Jay Z were married in 2008 and their first child, Blue Ivy was born in 2012. The singer couple is one of the richest singers and also celebrities now… Here’s their net worth…

Beyonce Net Worth

$450 Million

Jay Z Net Worth

$700 Million

Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z Net Worth: $1.150 Million