Brand Wars: Nordstrom vs. Ivanka Trump


Flash news: Nordstrom is officially dropping the Ivanka Trump brand!

Famous brand Nordstrom made a statement related Ivanka Trump’s collection in the brand yesterday. They would stop selling Ms. Trump items for the season.

This is because of the Trumps’ boycotts. Shoppers are angered for the Trump’s policies… Ivanka Trump, who is daughter of Donald Trump, had a right of presenting and selling her collection in Nordstrom with 10% share.

Nordstrom made buying decisions based on performance. In this case, they’ve decided not to buy Ivanka Trump items for this season. Ivanka Trump’s collection in Nordstrom had been the target of ‘Grab Your Wallet’ boycotts.

For now, the discounted items remain for sale… Nordstrom has 2000 of brand items. Ivanka Trump and Nordstrom had been working since 2011. As Nordstrom, they’re going to disappointing some of customers with Trump’s brand. The company also responded to the criticism on social media.