Britney Spears’s Workout Photo: She’s Still So Sexy


Oops!… She did it again.

35-year-old pop singer Britney Spears’s body is still so sexy. Here is the proof… This photo has shared by her with this note: ‘Stretching in the morning keeps me motivated’.

She took to social media to show her crazy workout discipline with her 14 million fans in Instagram. Here is the photo shows her rock-hard abs and toned legs. She’s still so sexy and fit!

She moves hardly that required flexibility in this workout scene. Britney gets her leg over. She does a handstand. In her opinion, the yoga class motivates her… She takes care of joining to the yoga class especially when she’s tired.

Also, crazy (You Drive Me Crazy!) star Britney Spears is sharing her all of workout photos via social media. You can watch the video…