Celebrities’ Latest Trend: Pajamas


Pajamas are in vogue in this season! Celebrities prefer PJs frequently. 25 times celebrities wore PJs out in public. Here are some samples…

Kendall Jenner is heading into LIV nightclub in Miami’s Fontainebleau. Dark blue pajama suit is red and white banded. She wore it with heels.

Selena Gomez wore a pair of purple pajamas. It has white polka-dots. She wore it by heels.

Kim Kardashion is up to date! Black lace night robe is so sexy and black coat is cool.

Gigi Hadid preferred a black lace mini night robe. Its veil detail looks so charismatic. Her hat and sunglasses complete the style.

Cara Delevingne wore this funny jumpsuit pajama. Funny and colored character printed Pajama looks so cute.

Rihanna wore a nightie suit. Pink bra, pink tracksuit bottoms, pink peignoir and pink hairy slippers are so lovely.

Ciara preferred the black lace pajamas. Peignoir fits her. Sexy and cool style! We love it!

Jessica Alba wore the black pajamas with white polka-dots. Heels complete the styling…