Chemistry of Love: 7 Types of Relationships


Physical Attraction

Love at first sight may be true. This chemical feeling is right exactly. Enjoy it but don’t be too fast. Spend time to know somebody.


These pairs feel as if they can’t do anything without them. Even they are unhappy, they go on the relationship. You can change the relationship patterns.

Shared Purpose

If you and he share the common interests and purposes in this life, you can compromise to each other. Just focus on your love and energy.

Personal Growth

People, who are willing to work on ways of growing, work together and share a lot of things. Don’t forget! You have other aims apart from the growth.

Courting the Muse

This type of relationship is different from normal relationships. Couples support each other but maybe there isn’t any emotion of love. It just like a friendship or partnership…

Past-Life Agreement

These people aims that drawing their common problems together. But they could be afraid to leave.

Sexual Attraction

Love couldn’t be completed without sexual attraction. Hormones released in our bodies called as sexual chemistry. It plays a major role in all healthy relationships…