Effect of Batwing Sleeves


Batwing sleeve model is a bell formed and pleated detail in many clothes. Blouses, skirts, shirts and so on. This effect is number one fashion element over the world. Large sleeve hem takes place on many dress, straight blouses, shirts and skirts. This style’s closer friend is bomber effect – elastic bucket sleeve hem. These parts represent a royal Renascence style. Some of them…


This chiffon, mini black dress has batwing sleeve details. Veil, large sleeves are too mystic.


This yellow shirt is a very flippy model. V-necked, cleavage shirt’s batwing sleeves are too flashy. Actually, we can’t say that this shirt has a real batwing sleeves. Because elastic bucket sleeve hem detail is used on this model.


This gray color pullover is a basic part. Crew-neck, striped, plain pullover is heated up with batwing sleeves. It’s proper to daily combinations.


This dark green, crew-neck, mini dress has batwing sleeves and pleated bell skirt. Skirt hem has batwing detail, too. Comfort wide cut, casual, chic and daily dress model.


This black satin blouse has a bright look. Its large sleeve hem has elastic bucket and strap details. There is a nice placket instead on button.