Emotional Award Speech from Gigi Hadid


Celebrity model Gigi Hadid was on the 2016 British Fashion Awards. Gigi’s gut-wrenching emotional speech influenced everybody in the hall!

She cried during Fashion Award acceptance speech… Gigi Hadid isn’t a stranger to the stages. She’s just 21-years-old… She’s hosted the American Music Awards recently. She acted in music videos. But this situation was different. She accepted her prize in British Fashion Awards.

Gigi Hadid Won The Prize for Model Of The Year!

The prize was presented to her by Donatella Versace…

Here is her speech: ‘This is so crazy. I just want to say that I’m in the new generation of social media. I’m so blessed for that. My family is the fashion industry and you!’

She’s crying while saying these sentences…

She said she can’t believe that she’s sitting Bruce Weber and Carine Roitfeld who started her career… She thanks warmly for her allies who supporting her.

Gigi Hadid’s other competitors were her sister Bella Hadid and her friend Kendall Jenner for this prize…