Hacker man, who stole nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, is going to jail. The hacker’s name is Edward Majerczyk. He’s been sentenced to 9 months! Edward Majerczyk has been punished also to pay $5,700. He steals over 30 celebrities’ private nude photos and videos. He was doing that more than 2 years. The nude photos were sought counseling services and they’re distributed online.

He had sent email to the victims including a link for ask their usernames and passwords. He was doing hackering since 2014. There are more than 300 victims of him. He used these information to reach the other celebrities’ accounts.

It’s called the disgusting phishing scheme a sex crime and sexual violation in an interview. Majerczyk pled guilty to one count of unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information last year, and will be held at a jail in his home city of Chicago.