Fresh Look: Platinum Blonde Hair!


All of women, especially celebrities and well-groomed ladies love the platinum blonde hair. This is the vogue in this season! You should apply this. Here’s the best platinum beach blonde hair color from celebrities…

‘I want to dye my hair to platinum blonde color. Because every cool girl has it. Is it suitable for me? I don’t care’ We can hear your voice… Let’s check out the models…

1Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz loves the braids over her head. She preferred the platinum blonde color with the braids. Ashy tint loves golden skin tones…

2Cate Blanchett

Pretty actress’ hair is in blonde tones for years. Her pink undertones are suitable with golden platinum hair color…

3Kristen Stewart

She changes her hair color in frequently. She opted for a lighter shade of platinum now.

4Michelle Williams

Williams chose an ultra-white shade of platinum blonde hair color for her shiny and cool style.

5Elle Fanning

Young women may be preferred this tone: warm blonde. It’s suitable for the casual style.