Good Sides of Falling in Love with Your Best Friend


What is the first thing you thought when you dream you were falling in love with your best friend? There’s no difference you are male or female. Do you want to kiss, hug or touch her/him? Read this article and decide you want or don’t want to establish relationship…

Deal is deal! Telepathy and empathy is better between two lovers, who are also best friends.

You’ll know really what the other’s thinking, all the time.

You’ll wish more and more hours in a day.

Having sex is funny at first. Haven’t it?

There’s a constant fear you live with.

You won’t stop making fun of each other.

You’ll be more well-groomed. You’ll start to care about how you look especially when you meet her/him.

Dinner or another activity plans will be incredibly and surprisingly easy.

It’s worth it.