Here Comes… The Blonde Rihanna


Crazy singer Rihanna has done it again! That’s typical of her… RiRi goes platinum blonde, everybody lose their mind!

Rihanna is celebrating the Christmas and the holiday with her close friends. She posted colorful photos on social media. But? What the hell is that? She is blonde!

Instagram notes: ‘When you and your best friends always late on challenge but still manage to mess it up… We didn’t lie when she said we were bout to pass out how we both got tired the same time…’


This is the year of Rihanna! Always dark colored singer is blonde platinum now! 28-year-old Rihanna was dreaming a shorter, brighter and blonde look for the holiday season…

Fans of her saw the new photo. She was having fun with the entertainer friends. Rihanna returned to ‘Blondanna’.

Rihanna’s friend and personal photographer, Melissa Forde posted the photo. They were making a toast with glasses of champagne.

Rihanna is successful in chameleon-like transformations. You can inspire from her new hairstyle! Riri’s new hair is a more vibrant cut and sexier.