How Much Is Lady Gaga Net Worth?


The 31-year-old singer, record producer, social activist, fashion designer, actor, songwriter, businessperson, philanthropist, musician and TV star Lady Gaga is one of the richest celebrities. American singer’s net worth is $275 Million. Pop singer Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta uses the name of ‘Lady Gaga’ for the stage.

She earned more than $80 million by her album sales, tours and campaigns in 2012. Lady Gaga is known with her extreme fashion style. She was influencing by Donatella Versace. Lady G has worked with many singers till now. She has inspired by rock style as Queen and David Bowie. Whatever. She began playing piano when she was 4!

Lady Gaga Net Worth

The Fame album was number 1 in many countries in 2008. Her albums and songs were chosen for Billboard and other music platforms’ lists. She loves dance and electronic music like Poker Face, Bad Romance, Alejandro, etc. How much is Lady Gaga net worth? Here’s the answer…

Lady Gaga Net Worth: $275 Million