Jolly Amazon Tour of Cindy Crawford’s Family


4Cindy Crawford is an old top-model. She always looks gorgeous. Her beauty and chic style dazzle… The 50-year-old model has gone to Amazon for vacation with her family.

Her 54-years-old husband, Rande Gerber looks so handsome and charismatic. They’ve been married in 1998. Crawford and Gerber have two kids. Their 17-years-old son, Presley and 14-years-old daughter Kaia look like their parents.

The brilliant quartet was in the Amazon vacation… They’re spending the holiday around the Amazon’s coasts. Cindy Crawford took the photos on Instagram page. We can see the boat rides, anacondas, Amazonian winds and a photogenic family in these Instagram shares… She wrote this message under the photos: ‘Looking for anacondas on our Amazon travel with family and friends.’


Famous couple took this privately photo, too. An incredible sunset on the frame looks so romantic… Crawford and her husband can be seen cuddling up to each other, they’re lovebirds…


Cindy Crawford’s hair looks so natural, because Amazonian winds work as a blow-drier… She seems compatible with the environment. The ethnic, maxiskirt, oversized shirt, natural hair make-up-free and barefoot style are so compatible with the Amazon…


The family seems so happy and jolly in their Amazon vacation!