Katie Holmes And Suri Were In The Spotlight At Basketball Game


Here’s the carbon copy mom and daughter! Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are on the stage! Mother-daughter went to watch the Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons basketball game at the weekend. And, they were in the spotlight… Here are the details and amazing photos of these moments…

Is there anything better than quality mom and daughter time in this world? The two were beaming at the basketball game like other celebrity families…

Actresses can look so chic on the red carpet or premiere, but mom is mom! Holmes looks so cozy and sportive now. Katie Holmes wore casual denim paired with a sheer black top.

The 10-year-old mini-Katie preferred a fun bow in her hair and Suri Cruise wore a pink cardigan and a purple floral-print dress. Mother-daughter was so chic and cute…

It wasn’t first time they were mirror images of each other! Holmes shared a photo of Suri’s 4 year old. You know, Suri was the youngest style icon. And she is already so chic and pretty, too!

Her mom Katie Holmes says that Suri picks her clothes (she says that’s so pretty, mom) and she’s got a great fashion eye… Wish happiness to the cute mom-daughter!