Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Didn’t Break Up… Here’s the Proof…


The cute couple, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom made green with envy!

The couple, who claimed they broke up, was seen normal in the California. Beautiful singer Katy Perry and handsome actor Orlando Bloom had met and became lover 10 months before.

Katy Perry took the photos on Instagram and she proved her romance with her boyfriend is still going strong… They’re seen while boarding her private jet together for Thanksgiving…



Perry wore a red oversized jacket while boarding jet. She was carrying her boyfriend’s jacket.

She was looking proud in order for they didn’t break up!


Orlando Bloom (with his new hairstyle!) got out the car and boarded the private jet after her girlfriend.

He’s a sportive look, he wore sweatpants and trainers.

Katy wrapped up against the chill!


The celebrity couple had ended their 10 months relationship at last week. Bloom was said he isn’t ready to get married and have babies. But now, Perry and Bloom are in with!

Not long after Halloween, Orlando Bloom’d decided to end their love.

We can see their unhappy modes in this photo…

We’re confused, but the couple is in with now…