Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Separated!


True love is dead… Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom love is ended!

The couple dated for over 1 year. But people say that Perry and Bloom have officially split.

They’re respectful to each other, so this breaking up is conscious and lovely. The two attended the Oscar after-party together just last weekend, so their fans surprised. But, they got together for a photo, that’s all…

Let’s just go our separate ways! Katy Perry is going to make a tour, Orlando Bloom is going to shoot a new film.

Singer and actor had a pretty fun relationship. They celebrated Halloween, attended funny parties and special events together.

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Last summer, we believed that they will be engaged as soon as. Orlando Bloom hasn’t been serious about a woman since his ex wife Miranda Kerr. In this case, it’s dispensable thing for them… Wish happiness for Perry and Bloom…