Kendall Jenner’s 21st Birthday Celebration – Guests’ Styles


She’s an ‘it girl’ and also famous top-model. We love Kendall Jenner‘s beauty and chic style…

Her 21st birthday was celebrated recently. The dinner at ‘Catch’ and an afterparty at ‘Delilah’ were amazing.

Many famous friends joined to the party.

Happy 21st birthday Kendall!

Hollywood hasn’t seen like this party ever!

See what guests wore in the celebration. Kendall’s sisters Kylie, Kris, Khloe and Kourtney and also other models and celebrities like Cindy, Taylor and Madison…


Kendall wore this dress at the afterparty. Estee Lauder brand dress has Swarovski crystals. Plunging and sexy mini dress, choker, clutch and heels look so hot!


Birthday dinner was at ‘Catch’. Kendall‘s semisheer jumpsuit with a plunging dazzled. Her make-up and hairstyle were so cool!


Hailey Baldwin‘s afterparty style covered an off-the-shoulder bustier top, shorts and boots. Thigh high net socks were crazy. Hot blonde woman was too chic.


Black lace crop top, brocade pants, sheer undies and choker style fitted to Hailey in the dinner.


Cute mother-daughter, Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber were at there… Gray crop top, lace-up miniskirt, booties fitted to Kaia. Metallic blazer, leather pants and clutch fitted to Cindy!


Young and beautiful model Madison Beer joined to the party with the red lace brave mini dress and black strappy heels.


Taylor Marie Hill‘s off-the-shoulder crop top and black skinny jeans, boots, fresh make-up and hairstyle were amazing!