Last-Minute Trend in Manicure!


Ever after leaves, flowers, lovely bugs and botanic figures will decorate the fingernails… This is the last-minute trend in manicure. Let yourself go to your imagination and pleasure. Whether create this by multicolored nail polishes or real/artificial botanic items.


Botanic manicure will be your best hobby, trust us! Be a part of the nature. Cut some pieces from an artificial lotus and glue them on your fingernails. Favorite colors are pink-peach, green-pink, white-green-yellow in this trend.


If you’ve so many plants in your home or garden, you can use them for beautifying. This is an extremely interesting and exotic idea. Go green. Feel peace.


You can use succulents because they’re always alive and nice. Also, you can take their photos and share on Insta. Everyone will love it. Your friends will ask how to do them. You won’t be able to stop staring at these things. You’ll want to find a lot of different figures…


Your nails will look pretty weird and brilliant! Just smile. Create 3D figures on your manicure session now. Try it once, you’ll get hooked on.


Examine and discover the desert plants. Prickly prints, cactus patterns, cartoon and emoji patterns, small flower and leaves… Add a still-life design and charming colors. Dry and finish…