Latest Hairstyle Trends from Los Angeles for 2016 Autumn


These brilliant hairstyles will mark on this autumn! The most hairstylists over the world suggest these models. Here, the trend hairstyles from LA.


Medium-height, soft cut in layers hairstyle. Here is a wonderful mix of wavy and straight hair model. Hit fashion element that is ombre is seen as green color on the big pic. It’s dashing, attentive and fit for thin hair. This hairstyle is choice of the famous hairstylist Salcedo, too.


Light curls are enlivened by fringes. Blonde and thin hairy ladies may use this hairstyle. This look is one of the outstanding hair trends in this autumn. It’s Rock’n Roll mood. This sexy hairstyle also makes look younger.


This short-layer bob haircut has been liked and used by many ladies. This is one of the trend haircuts of recent times. It’s too fashion in LA and the world. You may choose this model that is the freshest version of the bob-cut. Layers are thicker in this haircut.


Asymmetric cut frontward. This model looks nice on two-colored hair, fair and blonde ladies. Irregular waves are too gorgeous.


Short-height haircut, soft and round layers. This hairstyle is fit to curly and wavy hair. This model is one of the most recommended hairstyles in Los Angeles.