Madonna’s Brave Confession: She’s Still in Love with Sean Penn!


Their love blaze up! Madonna and Sean Penn were married once upon a time… Madonna and Sean Penn were married for just 4 years in the 80s… They succeeded to keep in with… But this confession will be surprised you!

Extreme pop singer Madonna offers to remarry Sean Penn… She said, ‘I’m Still in Love with You!’

They joined to an event at the last night and Madonna’s brave confession was surprised everyone in the event… She loves her ex husband and she would marry him again for the right price! (For $150,000)

58-year-old singer organized a charity gala at Art Basel in Miami. Madonna got on the stage with her ex husband actor Sean Penn. Madonna is still pretty and sexy. She wore a mini gold dress. Her audiences were Leonardo DiCaprio, Courtney Love, A-Rod, Chris Rock, Sean Penn and so on…

Crazy singer said that she would remarry with Sean Penn if he bid $150,000 for the charity… She held Penn’s hand on the stage and she said: ‘Does this remind you of anything?… And I’m still in love with you…’