Makeup Games: Feature the Blue Eyes!


Try these smart ideas on your blue eyes!

Sheer Washes of Bronze

Cameron Diaz

To remark on your eyes, apply bronze shadows with orange undertones. Bronzy brown eye shadow and pink lip gloss may be ideal…

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Copper Accents

Jennifer Lawrence

Copper and peach tones may be combined with metallic eyeliner. This look prevents the shadow from going high on the lid.

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Navy Eyeliner

Taylor Swift

Emphasize your eye color by applying a deep shade of navy blue. Black lashes makes your eyes harsh.

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Gray Blue

Kate Hudson

For minimal-looking makeup, apply gray-based blue shadow like pastel tones. Use cream shadows for upper lids. You don’t look as tired. Use pink lipstick.

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Sexy and Smoky

Amy Adams

You can prefer this look for night look. Blend and blur. Shimmery products may be your saver.

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