Margot Robbie Married Secretly


She’s married off… The world is being shaken by this news! Margot Robbie married with her boyfriend, Tom Ackerley in secret ceremony in Australia! WOW!

Margot grew up in Gold Coast, Australia. So, she married in there… Well, why did they marry secretly? Director Tom Ackerley and actress Margot Robbie fall in love with each other. Ok, but why?

Margot Robbie was photographed arriving at the airport last week. And, here is the clue! She was wearing a T-shirt that read ‘say i do down under’…

Mom, sister and brother of the bride were there too. Dancers, cameraman, social media posts… Everything was ready’ She’s tagged in a social media post with the wedding guests, their friends. She was at the wedding reception…

Margot enjoy her life as in the photos in social media. She posted sweet scenes with her boyfriend. Now, everybody wait that they explain and confess the wedding…Congrats to the happy and married couple!