Mermaid Makeup Line by Katy Perry


Famous singer Katy Perry is launching a mermaid-inspired makeup line! She presents new music, new songs. She has a new style. Her relationship with Orlando Bloom is wonderful. And now, Katy Perry has a new makeup line. Perry has agreed with a beauty brand to burn beaches in summer. Makeup theme is mermaid.

The new makeup collection by Katy Perry includes soft and pastel color tones and bright neon color tones. Eyeliners, lipsticks, eye shadows, highlighters and also shimmery products will be placed. Peach, apricot, rose, gold, white, green and sure all of water blue tones create the pallette you’ll see.

Katy’s Katy Kat line has inspired by spring’s upcoming pearlescent and mermaid shades… As to her, even Ariel will be jealous of her. The oceanic-inspired products will drop in March and April months for warmer weather. You can buy them from online stores.