Most Searched Celebrities on Social Media


Here are the most popular celebrities, who are loved by you! They’re the most searched people on social media. They with the highest social site ranking…

To most Googled actresses, actors and singers… We told most them in 2016. Google queries don’t lie! Let’s learn who are most searched and worried on the internet…

Top 10 Googled Actresses of 2016

  1. Meghan Markle
  2. Marion Cotillard
  3. Jodie Sweetin
  4. Daisy Ridley
  5. Brie Larson
  6. Jenna Dewan Tatum
  7. Leslie Jones
  8. Kate McKinnon
  9. Alicia Vikander
  10. Millie Bobby Brown

Top 10 Googled Actors of 2016

  1. Brad Pitt
  2. Tom Hiddleston
  3. Adam Driver
  4. Jesse Williams
  5. Tom Holland
  6. Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  7. Thomas Gibson
  8. Sebastian Stan
  9. Taylor Lautner
  10. Lin-Manuel Miranda

Top 10 Googled Musicians of 2016

  1. Beyoncé
  2. Céline Dion
  3. Kesha
  4. Kehlani
  5. Coldplay
  6. Teyana Taylor
  7. Grace Vanderwaal
  8. Kanye West
  9. Jacob Sartorius
  10. Guns n Roses

There is no model, TV star or reality person in the list. So, Kardashian siblings, Jenner or Hadid siblings are not in the list.