New Look of Kendall Jenner: Is This?


Kendall Jenner Style…

Model Kendall Jenner knows how to wear in everywhere. Her favorite pieces are casual and sports clothes. She goes to night clubs and parties with sneakers, tights, tees, etc. She likes PVC pants, leather pieces, white sneakers. She balances between high fashion and cozy athleisure.

On Friday night, she was spotted wearing the skin-tight pants with Adidas sneakers in Los Angeles. She also wore a white pinstripe blazer, a white tee, a tiny Louis Vuitton bag and tight French braids.

She attended to Guess and Guccie parties last week with Hailey Baldwin. She signed under the more similar looks during Paris Fashion Week. We liked her black-sleeved, hooded denim jacket with leather leggings. Well, how she styles these staples next…