Outrageous Looks from Lady Gaga


Crazy singer Lady Gaga’s wild style…

She’s crazy. She’s different. Look at some assertive and outrageous styles of Lady Gaga…

Lady G wore a Gianni Versace costume… A belted bra top, draped leather skirt, very popular platform ankle boots, rounded sunglasses and a wild style hat.

She likes platform ankle boots. White lace minidress and all accessories are cool!

Platform ankle boots again! Pink dress with a white off-the-shoulder neckline is perfect.

Don’t surprise; same boots again! Cobalt blue fur coat and black leggings look so crazy!

She’s in Paris. Lady G seems too serious. Masculine style fits her…

Her pink hat, pink long blazer, metallic silver fringed dress, choker and pointed-toe pumps are so pretty…

Motorcycle jacket, hat, mini jean shorts, denim boots are perfect.

She wore suede and fur jacket, paisley blouse, magenta hot pants, multicolored platform boots.

Lady Gaga is on the street! Cropped tee over a black lave bra, sexy black shorts, boots and leopard print belt are so crazy!