Praise of La La Land…


In the premiere of ‘La La Land’, there are countless commends. The movie has a perfect ending. La La Land is one of this year’s frontrunners for best picture. The viewers liked so much Emma Stone’s Mia and Ryan Gosling’s Sebastian characters. Mia dreams about to becoming a Hollywood star, but she’s a barista. Sebastian is a piano player who has devoted his life to musical career. And we want they are in with each other at the end of the story.

Mia and Sebastian made their dreams come true in La La Land. The film asks you: What happens when your dreams don’t come true?

Mia enters into a jazz club with her husband and she sets eyes on Sebastian. And the regrets begin. La La Land had no ended with a traditional Hollywood ending! You’ll cry a lot! And you’ll smile!

La La Land deserves the best commends and awards in this season. Romantic scenes of the film will influence everybody…

Moviegoer is going to love the story and the flow. You feel yourself in the real story. It reflects the real life and the real love. You remain connected always.