Star Of The Year: Ben Affleck


Assassin, Mobsters and Batman… This year is the year of Ben Affleck!

You know, handsome actor Ben Affleck founded a production company with his friend actor Matt Damon. Affleck was seen while he gets out of a top secret meeting for a planned solo Batman movie.

At the exit of the meeting hall, reporters asked him some questions about the movie. As an answer, he shook his head and chuckled… Also, he said ‘People keep saying something and I don’t know why’.

Actually, 2016 has been both a fruitful and challenging year for Ben. 44-year-old actor’s marriage is on shaky ground.

He’s an actor, a director and a writer. He’s also a father and husband…

He acted in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ as a superhero.

After this film, he acted in ‘Suicide Squad’. Later, he played an autistic forensic accountant with the Jason Bourne-style skills of an assassin in the outside-the-box action-thriller ‘The Accountant’.

Also, he’s working as a film director. He likes Warner Bros. In his opinion, book and film adaptations are difficult. He wants this to be more fun but they’re too dark…

Freshness, originality, tone, wit and fun should stand in balance…