Style Twins: Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle


First Lady Kate Middleton and actress Meghan Markle are being mentioned as ‘co-sister-in-law’ nowadays! Also, their styles appear similar. Middleton and Markle are style twins. But we don’t know which one steals the other one’s real style?

Kate and Meghan have the same favorite coat designer. These women are too different people, but they have common points. They are both in a relationship with British Prince and they have the same fashion flavor… Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle like to wear coats of Sentaler…

The two women share a very similar sense of style. They like the stores in Canada and USA. They do shopping from Nordstrom’s branches. Middleton bought a powder blue robe coat from Sentaler in the last September. Markle bought a dark green and maroon coat from Sentaler in Toronto, too!

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A More Photo of Style Twins…

Kate Middleton has a brilliant style. Meghan Markle has a flawless street style. But sometimes, they just look like the twins… We can’t wait to see what they match in next…