The Lip Kit Queen: Kylie Jenner


The Lip Kit Queen: Kylie Jenner!

Classy model Kylie Jenner is just 19-years-old. Top model Kendall Jenner’s and Kardashians’ little sister Kylie Jenner is interested in make-up and fashion. Her new make-up collection dazzles…

Look at the ‘lip kit wall’ at the Kylie pop-up…

She has opened the pop up shop at the Topanga Westfield mall in Los Angeles.

Kylie Jenner is the Second Richest Member of Her Family!

The crowd poured in the mall to see the collection. She has been showcasing behind the scenes snippets of her pop up. There is a very impressive rainbow lipstick wall at the mall. You can buy or order some lipsticks for Christmas present… There are plenty of holiday options inside the palettes and lip kits.

Kylie Jenner wrote that the holiday collection is back one more time on Instagram. You’ll love in the mini set! She’s so excited. And the rainbow lip kit is gorgeous for all ladies…