The Most Comfortable Way to Travel: Cindy Crawford


When traveling, our first criteria is to feel comfortable with a cozy style. We often do it. Especially if we are going to take a long road trip that takes long flights or hours.

Former model Cindy Crawford does it, too. She chooses cozy and casual pieces for traveling. It is a matter of time when it is sloppy and effortless slippery to look comfortable. Cindy Crawford shares the joys of traveling comfortably without damaging your style image.

You can get inspired from her style at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. The iconic supermodel, which features a pair of pants and a simple sweatshirt, teaches how to use sports jackets by adding a high dose of cool to the look of the sport with a leather jacket. Do not go without a note!

Balenciaga Sweater

3×1 Denim

Saint Laurent Leather Jacket

Christian Louboutin Boots