The Speeches To Split Up


Breaking Up Sentences

Here are the sentences of breaking up… What we’re saying while splitting up with somebody? The speeches to split up…


It’s not you it’s me. Yes, Yes, I am having trouble finding a lover in his/her right mind.

Look into the eyes of your lover and say “I love you”. When he responds “I love you”, create a shock by saying “Let’s break up fondly”.

You can split up with your pair by saying ‘You deserve better ones and me too’.

2Very Bad!

Let’s take a break for a while, let’s meet others, let’s be dear with them, let’s marry them.

You can also go the way of deceiving your partner: Women are more affected in case o separation, would you like to test it?

I have to concentrate on my school, because I have seen a girl/boy in school, who is perfect!

3Oh Shit!

We are from the different worlds. Our behaviors and habits are too different from each other!

We make each other suffer. Let’s break up.