This is a ‘La La Land’ Story


Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling stars in ‘La La Land’ Hollywood musical. They’re this generation’s Bogie and Bacall! Is it right?

In fact, at the agreement and signing stage of the film, the players were different. Miles Teller and Emma Watson were agreeing with the producer. Teller was out; Gosling came on to the front!


We saw Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in 2011’s movie Crazy, Stupid, Love at first. But now, there are a lot of criticisms about La La Land.

Nevertheless, this couple is being liked. Because they remind Bogie and Bacall.

Especially, dancing scene is wonderful. Just as Julia Roberts and Richard Gere is a magnificent couple in Hollywood cinema, maybe Ryan and Emma will be like that.

Emma and Ryan acted in the same film more than one. They’re like two peas in a pod…