Tips for a Flawless Eye Make-Up


If you’re in hurry, on the morning or on the evening to go to the outside, these life saver eye make-up tips may be useful for you. Applying eyeliner requires being professionalism. Here are the tips from Hollywood make-up artist Mally Roncal…


You can use a tape as a stencil as in the picture. Thus, it’s easier to make a wing a tail at the end of the upper eye corner. Place the tape properly from the corner of the eye to the outside end of the brow. Then press over it.


Apply to liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelash edge carefully as a single coat. It won’t plague by means of the tape. Wait for 30 seconds, it’s drying. Then remove the tape.


You’ve completed the difficult phase. Then pass to the rest of the lid line. Apply the liquid eyeliner from the eye out to the eyelash end. Use short dashes. Connect the inner corner to out the line at finally.


You’re at the last phase. Tie all lines. Add a few swipes of mascara. Thus, eye-opening effect will be enhanced with dark and glossy eyelashes. You’re ready! Wear a pink or peach lipstick and rouge now…