Very Special Frames from Reese Witherspoon’s Vacation


Beautiful actress Reese Witherspoon’s Thanksgiving holiday style looks so cute. Her style is very joyful again like herself.

High point is the festive skirt…


Thanksgiving is over and Christmas has begun. So celebrities are organizing parties!

Her flared skirt is too compatible with this ambiance. Her smiley face, natural hair and makeup style, jean jacket, dark blue shirt, necklace, ankle boots and floral printes mini skirt look so cute!

This is the style for Noel.

2Draper James brand festive skirt is from her own line…

Navy and red skirt has wreath pattern.

She’s in the West Hollywood in the photo.

Blue suede boots, navy t-shirt and all styling are so lively!

She looks so cozy and happy.

Reese Witherspoon made shopping and had a dinner with her family by this style.

She took the photo of her dog Pepper wrapped in a red bow, too…