Where is Your Love Waiting for You?


Virtual world is an important part of our life. Well, is it a supporter or dangerous way to find our love?

I wonder is he/she the right person for me?

This man would be the person who go shopping with you in the same market or who is friend of your friends.

In the last years, we search the right love over the internet. Also, we create online profiles… It isn’t safe too much. You should be lucky.

This is true: Opposites attract!

People, who are closer to each other, can manage better their relationship. Well, you can find your love in the same street, same school, same office, etc.

Relationship match and sacrifice factors are important.

%24 of 1000 attenders say that they met their love in the virtual platforms. %12 say in sportive activities, %11 say in festives, %15 say in education, graduation and donation activities, %18 say in the same office…