Who is Sofia Richie?


Who is Sofia Richie?

Let’s meet with new celebrities, socialites and phenomenons. We researched Sofia Richie today. Here, things you should know about her…

The 18-year-old blonde girl’s family is famous! She’s daughter of Lionel and Diana Alexander Richie. Sofia was born in Los Angeles, California. She’s new girlfriend of singer Justin Bieber.

She snapped a photo with Justin Bieber’ ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez in 2009. Sofia Richie acted in her big sister Nicole Richie’s reality show. I mean, she’s a TV face.

The little Richie began modeling in 2014. Yeah, you didn’t hear false; she’s a model! Sofia has already seemed in numerous magazines.

She’s close friend of models like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. She’s also a social media phenomenon. See Sofia Richie instagram page.

Richie is a fearless girl. She’s a big action sports fan. She does motocross, dirt bike race, etc. Her brother is her best friend ever. She shares family photos including sweet selfies.

Sofia Richie is a pet lover. Her bulldog’s name is Cairo. She plays golf. We see her with distinctive braids in general. She often changes her hair color and style. Sofia’s big dream is to being a pop star like her boyfriend Justin Bieber