Who is Stella Maxwell? Things to Know about Her…


Who is Stella Maxwell? Things to Know about Her…

Meet the Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell. Things you need to know about her. Young and beautiful model is reportedly Kristen Stewart!

She’s an Irish
Stella Maxwell was born in Belgium. She has Northern Irish parents. When she was younger, her family moved to New Zealand.

She’s an Angel
Stella is working in Victoria’s Secret. She’s a celebrity model since 2014. Also, she has starred in major campaigns like every model. She has participated to major runways like Paris Fashion Week in this year.

She loves Los Angeles. LA is one of her most favorite places in the world. She feels at home there. One of her hobbies is yoga! She’s a yogi!

She likes to wear boots in hotel beds. Well, do you know how she was discovered? She was discovered while shopping in New Zealand.

Stella Maxwell has off-duty model style. Her strong looks are being talked by fashion world.

She used to date Miley Cyrus. They were spotted kissing in 2015’s summer. And now, she dates with Kristen Stewart.

Stella used to have a pixie cut. We saw her in a bleach blonde cut in 2008.

She appeared in Love’s advent calendar. She did it in this year again!