Why Jennifer Lopez Canceled Her New Year Concert?


Jennifer Lopez Cancels Her New Year’s Concert: What Does It Mean? Well, everybody has a right of break. J. Lo needs some time too. Super star J. Lo gave up giving New Year concert at Miami! She suddenly canceled Eve performance at night club in Miami. This topic occupies the agenda nowadays…

According to the rumors, Jennifer Lopez wants to spare time herself more. That’s why of this speculation. She canceled the show for extend personal and family time…

Lopez has worked nonstop during the year. She acted on her Television Show (Shades of Blue). Also, she performed on a long tour called ‘All I Have’.

Eventually, J. Lo is a human, too! She’s tired. She needs to rest and have holiday.

Her fans are wondering about this. This photo shows fans that everything is OK. J. Lo and Drake are together in the photo shared via Instagram. Perhaps, spending time with Drake was the cancellation reason…

Also, Drake shared a photo adding a heart eye emoji. Drake and Jennifer Loped look like just friends! People know that they’re both singers and allies, not a couple!